Thursday, July 28, 2011

Color, Texture & Pattern

Color, texture and pattern are some of the key design elements that interior designers use to create a well designed and balanced space.  

Below are some rooms that we love that strike the perfect balance between those 3 design elements in order to achieve an amazing space!


We are totally loving patterned painted floors....  I really want to have these floors in my home office!  Mary McDonald does color, pattern, and texture SO well! (painted concrete, leather, wood)


This is a room we designed for two sweet brothers to share- we loved the navy, chartreuse, and brown together! (love the lacquer bedside table from Bungalow 5 with the Stray Dog glass lamp, the upholstered headboards, and driftwood mirror)

 Seagrass, grasscloth, porcelain, linen - OH MY!


Something as simple as adding this antelope Stark stair-runner can create a fabulous space on it's own.

 We are loving the bamboo patterned wallpaper paired with the Gustavian chest and white gourd lamps


 There is something so amazing when you pair yellow and grey together!  Not to mention the pop of purple!  It is graphic and bold and FAB_U_LOUS!


Sometimes all you need is color to set the tone for the entire space and really knock it out of the park

This room seems to have the perfect balance to me!

Lacquered walls, wool fabric on the chairs paired with a seagrass rug really creates an amazing space

Everything about the room is to die for! 

Wooden walls, mirror, iron - what a perfect mix!

Metal tables, upholstered sofas, linen draperies, and that amazing high gloss piano make one FINE room!

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