Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Nursery is complete!

After 9 long months of planning out the perfect NURSERY it is finally done and here are some pics for you to see!

I stuck with my plan of all whites, creams, oatmeals, with a hint of grey blue!

My husband and I find it very soothing and cannot wait to bring home baby white to his new room!

Jenny Lind Crib with custom bedding!

Baby White's little friends!

Detail shot of the grey/blue ties and box pleat detail on the bumper

Here is the Noir chest made out of reclaimed lumber that we are going to use as our changing table.  Also I added a pair of antique prints (elephant and giraffe) above a pair of hand painted brackets

Goblet pleat detail

Here is a shot of the glider and crib

The only item we are waiting on is the quatre foil floor lamp designed by Suzanne Kasler- it will go to  the left of the chair

Creamy/ White chest with all his fun clothes inside!

The sweet diaper wreath that one of my best friends from college made for my shower- talented right?!
Catherine- maybe you should start selling these??!!!

Well, there you have it!  Baby white is due August 8th- but could come any day now!  We are so blessed and excited!



Judith Bright said...

It looks so sweet Meg! I know you are excited. I'm so excited for you to experience this amazing lift-gift! You are going to be a fantastic mama! xx, judith

Jessica Betts said...

you are so talented meg! I know you guys are so excited and I have no doubt he will be just perfect. You did a really beautiful job. If I ever have kids I am calling you to decorate!! Much love and prayers for a healthy and happy baby and momma:)
-Jessica Betts

Anonymous said...

Meg, it's Beautiful!!! what a perfect haven to bring that baby boy home to. Can't wait for him to arrive!!!!
And then for you to go have a drink with me :)
xo Rachel (the friend that talks about alcohol in a time like this)