Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fabulous Home Tour!

I recently reconnected with one of Meg and I's former interns, and she graciously invited me to see her parents' home here in Houston. Their home was built in 1926, a Texas historic landmark. Her parents hired architect Martha Bute to help with their two year renovation, finishing up in 2009. After seeing this home, it clearly is as beautiful as it is functional. It is also one of the few homes where I just fell in love with each and every piece, from the floors to the furnishings to the accessories (I could just go on and on)!

Hope you enjoy these images as much as we do!

This entry table is a showstopper! Meg and I love centralized entry tables. You can always change what you have on the table, whether it's  accessories, holiday decor, or fresh flowers. It makes such a welcoming statement, especially if fresh flowers are on the table, just as the homeowner did here. 

How wonderful is the staircase?

Another view of the entry with a gorgeous grandfather clock.

The dining room is just off the entry. The caramel leather bound books and the blue and white porcelain pieces are timeless accessories.

The chandelier and the sunburst clock add elegance and sparkle to this dining room. We had a smaller vintage sunburst clock in our shop, but it wasn't nearly as beautiful as this one!!

The tall wainscoting (which is also in the dining room) is such a wonderful detail. I was thrilled to see these striking Quatrefoil chairs by Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair as well!

A detailed shot of the Quatrefoil chair. These chairs are one of our favorite furniture pieces, and we have blogged about them before here.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this room! It's soooooooo gorgeous! The ice blue silk draperies, the antique stone mantle, the sunburst mirror, the Louis Phillipe mirror, the velvet pillows.  This room is visually stunning from each and every angle, there is no wasted space, and is the prettiest room I have ever been in!

Here is a detailed view of an acrylic side table with some writ books next to the chair by the fireplace. Fabulous!

 A beautiful living room vignette...

A detailed shot of the tableskirt. Love the trim!!!

 The settee, the gilded barometer, and the decorative gilt brackets, the architectural fragment...they are all just amazingly beautiful and placed just right.

 This picture shows one of two (yes there is a pair!) bibliotheques! These pieces add so much character to this living room and help ground this seating group. Having multiple seating groups makes this room feel cozy and is one of the reasons this room is so wonderful.

Look at the sweet trumeau to the left of this bibliotheque. Notice the tea table is higher that the "seat" height of the loveseat. 
Meg and I always prefer for the height of a coffee table to be higher than the seat height of the piece of furniture it is placed in front of. It's more comfortable to reach forward and up, than forward and down when reaching for a drink, a magazine, etc.

Here is a view of the kitchen. Love the bell lanterns hanging over the island. And our favorite-marble countertops!!!

 The wreath adds just the perfect touch to this kitchen, and the bridge faucet is so elegant.

This eye catching chandelier looks amazing with the oval wooden breakfast table. Love the host/hostess upholstered chairs and the draperies. 

Notice the subtle pattern on the sisal stair runner as well as the iron rods holding the carpet in place. Here is a perfect example where beauty meets function! Love this look!

 The antique mantle, the reclaimed stone floors, the pale blue/gray tight back slipcovered sofas, the muted Oushak, the "coffered" ceiling, the coffee table....What's not to love in this family room?

A close up view of the "industrial" style coffee table. Here you can really see the wonderful muted colors in the rug.

 Here is a close up of the built ins. Love the metal "chicken" wire and notice that the inside of the bookshelves are painted a soft shade of blue. 

Another view in the family room.

Whoa! Look at this beautiful tapestry. This vignette is on the opposite wall from the fireplace and the scale of this tapestry helps to balance out the room!

Another stunning vignette...

Look at the amazing ceiling here. This room leads you to their backyard....

Each and every piece has been carefully selected and has been carefully placed. What an amazingly elegant, chic, timeless, soothing, interesting, and terrific home!

I want to thank Elise and her mom so much for letting me into their home!!  



Images: 1) Elise, All other images taken by Brooke

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