Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Unexpected

When we think of great design, we believe that each room needs to have an "unexpected design element" in the space.   It is that piece in a room that makes you think, "HMMM"  I would not have thought to put that there- but IT works!  And when I say it works- I mean - IT MAKES THE SPACE FABULOUS!

  Here are some photos that make us say HMMM!  That unexpected element really makes the space!  Hope you enjoy!!!!  

Also, I will be having a baby next week and will be taking off 3 months from blogging!  Brooke will continue to blog while I am on maternity leave!


In this photo, the designer placed a small sunburst mirror over the window and while that in itself is very unexpected and beautiful -  it also creates the most amazing shadow on the tile floor - again adding a dimension to the room that most people would never dream of!  Amazing!


The glass bubble light fixture, black mirrors, juxtaposed with the orange square boxes makes this vignette seem like a piece of art


This designer chose to use a very neutral palette but in such an unexpected way


Love the idea of using a floating bookcase to separate a room - creates such a unique focal point


We love the way this designer use an entire wall to display an art installation - makes such an amazing impact on the space!


When most people look at a very large space like this one above- they find it daunting and a bit overwhelming - but here this designer designed a clever separation of space by using a double sofa - it creates such a great focal point and is perfect for group conversations


A simple little detail like running the trim vertical really makes this chair unique and stunning!

Unexpected use of fabric!  


Love the way this designer covered the what could have been an unsightly eye soar (sliding closet doors) and turned it into something FAB-U-LOUS   with wallpaper!


This room has an amazing ceiling- again most people would just do a typical drywalled painted ceiling- but here Phoebe Howard used a wooden ceiling to create warmth in this very neutral and calming space ... we also love the pop of gold with the fun and whimsical tree floor lamp 


We love the way the balusters are almost "cut out like" - it creates such a great detail in what can be such a boring space in your home

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