Monday, January 17, 2011

Fibe-Con: Our Ultimate Design Secret!

Brooke and I thought that we should share one of our ultimate design secrets - Fibe-Con!  We could NOT survive without this amazing company!  Not only do they treat/clean stains on site, they can also protect from future spills with their Ultra Sealer. Their sealer penetrates fabrics like silk, velvet, and linen- if water (wine, etc) spills on them you just take a cloth and wipe it up.  This allows us as designers to use amazing fabrics throughout a home without the worry that they will get damaged.  
Want a white house without the worry- well this is the solution!

Mention this blog and receive 10% for two weeks of cleaning or protecting! (01/17-01/28)


"When you purchase expensive home furnishings, you do not want just anyone to clean and take care of them."

Owners, Larry and Sherry Hughes

Fibe-Con 2967 Greer Rd. Goodlettsville, TN 37072
Phone Number: (615) 851-8866

Fibe-Con Services
Carpets, Rugs, Orientals
Our industry specific knowledge, along with our 35 years of experience, 
gives us the ability to professionally care for your wall to wall carpeting, 
custom rugs, orientals and sisals.

Furniture and Draperies
Accidents and spills are very much a part of life. Your investment should
be well taken care of, and our knowledgeable staff can provide you with the 
results that you are looking to receive. Whether we clean your items on site or 
transport them to a climate controlled warehouse, you will be pleased with the results.

Our knowledge and product experience allows us to take care of your 
floor care needs in a professional manner. Whether you need a simple 
buffing and re-waxing of your hardwood floor or a sealant applied to a stone or 
tile floor, we have the ability to meet your needs.

An exclusive formula for enhanced fabric protection, that resists staining 
due to most water and oil based spills that does not alter the feel of the 
fabric once dry.
Ultra SealSM has a unique design that helps to resist permanent 
staining to fabric upholstery from any food or beverage normally c
onsumed by humans, human blood or urine and more!
It reduces fading, repels damaging air-borne dust, and 
greatly reduces permanent staining from anything you can eat or 
drink and does not alter fire retardants. Ultra SealSM will seal over other 
protection products because it is not a coating but a penetrate, protecting 
from the inside out.
Best of all, clean-up is easy­-most spills blot right up with a dry cloth! 
Fabrics and other fibers keep their resiliency and colors remain vibrant. 
We even provide one free spotting trip within a 6-month 
period upon request.
Ultra SealSM is perfect for all your valuable furnishings and is 
unparalleled in performance, keeping fabric and 
furnishings looking newer, longer.

Ultra Seal for Granite

Protect your granite counter tops with an iron-clad deep penetrating sealer. 
Ultra SealSM for Granite is a formula designed to penetrate up to 1/2 inch 
deep into your granite counter tops, providing a super 
strong “force field” that resists even the toughest stains. 
It is like a protectant for your counter tops. 
(Any type of stone counter top)

They are the best at what they do!  If you are going to invest in quality furnishings- please call them to help protect your investment!

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