Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Arena Designs

Ok- this has to be one of the most beautiful textiles and wall covering companies to date!  And to top it off... they are based out of Houston Texas- right in Brooke's backyard!
We have been drooling over there handpainted made to order wallpaper for years and now we see that they have introduced textiles in linen, jute, and velvet!

"Arena Design creates custom couture fabrics and wall coverings for clients seeking the finest hand-made products on the market. By combining hand printing with hand painting, our unique process and ability to design beautifully makes for rich and luscious products not found elsewhere. "

Please enjoy all of their amazing designs below!

Botanae, color portobello rust

Ruffinecolor  Rola Lumbar

Jute Fabric
Avian,   color  Flax

repeat   38-1/4"  |  width  44-1/2"  

Linen Fabric
Santorini,   color  Azure
repeat   29-9/16"  |  width  48

Velvet Fabric
  Faux Bois, color  Chartreuse
repeat   40-7/16"  |  width  48"  

Velvet Fabric
Pandelli,  color  Sterling
repeat   35"  |  width  48"

Aviatrix,  color  Blue green
repeat   38-1/4"  |  width  44-1/2"

**** This is hands down one of our favorites!!!

 Cartouche, color  Sylvan
repeat   46-3/4"  |  width  48" 

Aren't they amazing!!!!  What pattern is your favorite?

Images: arenadesigns.us