Thursday, June 16, 2011

AMY HOWARD's New Nashville Outlet

Brooke and I have always loved as well as admired the furniture line,  Amy Howard.  Once sold only "to the trade", Amy Howard has now opened an outlet store here in Nashville, TN.  We are truly lucky to be able to have such an amazing store here at our fingertips.  Whether you are looking for a painted bedside table, or a small pair of benches for the foot of your bed- you will be sure to find it here!  
Each piece is hand painted to perfection - and now you can have it at half the cost!  What a steal!  
(there may be a few dings or scratches- but I couldn't find any myself) 

Happy shopping!!

Located in Bandywood
Ask for Bethann! 

Wouldn't this be amazing to hide the TV in your family room!

"The Amy Howard Collection focuses on reclaiming the elegance of the 19th and 20th centuries via upscale, hand-crafted, hand-painted furniture. Made with attention to detail, crafted with an unrelenting passion for excellence, the Amy Howard Collection is as compelling and distinctive as the people who own it. The collection is hand-made in America, antique interpretation furniture updated for today’s lifestyles. Each piece is considered a work of art for those who like to surround themselves with unquestionable excellence and uncommon beauty.
Each piece in the Amy Howard Collection is one-of-a-kind: hand-crafted using only the highest quality materials, created by the most highly trained artisans. The classically designed furniture radiates elegance and style. Each piece demonstrates attention to detail and craftsmanship – making a statement about your sense of style and your devotion to beauty.
The fine finishes available in the Amy Howard Collection are as unique and finely crafted as the furniture. Most noticeable about our finishes is the detail of the artistry and the texture embodied in each finish. No matter what you choose, you are bound to end up with a beautiful work of art that you and yours can enjoy for years to come."

Great entry piece that would add a bit of sparkle to any house!

Ummm - this console is to D_I_E for! 

 These chairs would be the perfect host and hostess at any dining table!  (I picture a weathered oak farm table!!!  Yummy!)

 Burlap linen on a hand-painted off white bench- what bedroom would this not go in?

This would be the perfect bedside table - especially for those of us who like the hide the clutter in drawers

I want these zinc topped cubes as my coffee table - they are so functional yet chic at the same time!

 This white leather ottoman would be fab in a study between four chairs- snuggle up and read a good book while propping up your feet!

Another great option for a bedside table!

 Again- a great pair of bedside tables- or maybe a powder bathroom custom vanity option???

 UMMM- love this mercury Greek key mirrored entertain center- place your flat screen above it and hide all the components below!  I want this SO BADLY!!!

This would be great in an entry way with fresh flowers and books!  Love the design for the base!

 Another great entry table option.

 Here are those pair of benches for the foot of your bed you have been looking for - and to top it off they are already upholstered in Cowtan & Touts Ocelot pattern!  MAJOR!!

Love the clean lines of this dining table!  And the gilt justs adds a bit of bling to it which makes such a stunning detail!

Hope you LOVE this store as much as we do!!  I would LITERALLY take one of everything!

And guess what everything is an additional 15% off the already discounted prices!


All photos taken by Meg White at Amy Howard

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BethAnn said...

Thank you, Meg! And good news! The sale went to 20% off the Outlet prices!!!